Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guest Designer My Sister!

Hi everyone, just a quick post I would love to show you! My sister Jordyn is going to a 21st dress up party soon and she is going as a fairy, and she has made her own fairy wings! Which I think she has done a wonderful job with, they are so pretty!
          Here are the full wings
This is Jordyn holding her wings on......
This is the centre of the wings on the back.......
And this is the top of one of the wings.....
It would of been nice if it weren't so windy and I would have pretty photos outside in the garden!
It was hard getting the photo's because it hasn't stopped raining all day and its very windy! (She has a matching costume to go with, but she isn't wearing it in these photos) She made these out of coat hangers, bent them into shape, covered them in material and then in pretty flowers!

Hope you like them! Thanks for stopping by......


  1. Hi Tori, thank you so much for your lovely comments:) The wings came out beautiful!!! I love the flowers in the center!! Tell Jordyn she did a fantastic job!! Tori, do you have a blinkie? I would love to put it on my blog:) Continue to have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. You have a beautiful sister Tori, and both of you are very talented. The wings are gorgeous :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Hi Tori obviously crafty talent runs in your family and so does beautiful genes as you, Jordyn and your mum are all gorgeous.
    you should get a blinkie and send it to Norma.

  4. Love the wings Jordyn, they are so cute, hope they fit into the car.

  5. "WOW" love the wings great job have fun at hte dress up party!

  6. Love those wings..they are gorgeous..


Thank you! xo