Friday, October 22, 2010

Something Different......

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't put anything up in a I have made something a little different to what I usually do.......I made these bead key chain things, what ever you like to call them...........I made them this afternoon when I got home from school because I new I needed to do a post but wasn't in the mood to make a card.....this is what I made today......

You can hang them off bags, keys and any thing you like.....(the colour in this photo below isn't the actual colour it is more like the colour above)

I also made a few more a little while ago, I first learn't how to make these at a bead shop, doing a class........I made one for my nintendo dsi which is HOT PINK my favourite colour I made it to match....

 I made this bracelet as well which is a bit different to the key chains, I don't wear it much anymore but I still like it........and the matching key chain

This last one is the one i had on my old nintendo ds which isn't very silver any more :(

I have made a few these for my friends, but don't have photos of those ones....
Hope you enjoy!

I also will show you something else in a few days which i have done at school (craft related sort of).......


  1. These are so cute my favourite colour to, PINK and BLING

  2. CUTE!!! I love them all but I think the last one is my favorite..I love all the charms you used.

  3. They are all so pretty but my favourite has to be the green one. What love gifts for anyone :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Tori, these are gorgeous you should put them in an etsy shop i would buy one.

  5. Tori you did beautiful job I love them all


Thank you! xo