Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School Projects!

Hi everyone, as I said I would I am doing a  post of my Pin Board I made at school and a few other ones I made this year, I choose this subject because it is making and creating stuff witch I really enjoy! Each term we make something different first term I made a coaster holder, second term I made a tiled mirror, third term was the pin board, and this term we a make something else..........Firstly is a picture of the Coaster Holder........(you don't need to read all the instructions below if you don't want)

We started off with wood, then we got our choice of wrapping paper ,cut out all the shapes and glued them on, we used clear paint stuff to give it a shiny coat on top........on the tiles we used the cut images glued them on and coated it in resin to also make it glossy and shiny.........next......

 On this on we also started off with wood, measured it all out, cut it to size.........then we ruled lines to make sure our tiles would be put on straight........then we got to glue our tiles down and filled in the gaps with grout......we hammed the mirror in and it was ready to take home..........now my latest one...
The Pin board is my favourite I love all the colours and what you can do with it..........we stared of with wood 1m by 1m......we firstly covered it in Dacron (Fluffy white stuff) then we layered on top of that the material, mine was all sweets and yummy stuff........then we marked out the spots for our ribbon to rap it around using a stipple gun.....we hammered the silver tacks in....and lastly we covered the back with material.......we got to choose all our material and ribbon and for the coaster holder and tiled mirror we also got to choose :) The Dacron made the board fluffy and thick as you might be able to see in one of the photos below.......
This photo below shoes how the photo slides under and stays on the board.......you can also put pins into it...
This isn't a great photo, but it kinda shows the fluffy stuff behind the material and how it fluffs up....

Hope you ENJOY these other projects I have done........BTW there are a lot more steps then what I have above, for each projects didn't want to bore you too much.......:)



  1. Hi Tori, what fantastic projects, I especialy love your coaster holder :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Haven't bored me at all. They all look fantastic but i love the pin up board. I could do with one here to stick all of my ongoing projects on. Boy you sure do make better stuff than when i was at school, we made a pillow case and an apron and a dress which i thought was way cool at the time.

  3. Loving the ribbon board. My daughter would love to have one too.

    Be sure to stop by for my giveaway! Tell mom too!

    Georgiana : )

  4. No bore at all I loved your (partial) step by step. WOW those all turned out sooo well. I love the tiled mirror. I think I might have to try that soon.

  5. Wow!...great school projects :)

  6. SO CUTE!!!!
    I would love to have a ribbon board. My mom and I will have to make one. Although neon green and neon blue.
    GREAT POST!!!!!


Thank you! xo