Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome Home Mum

Finally my Mum is back from America!!! I missed her soooooo much and I'm so glad she's back!! She got me some really cool stuff and some COOL craft stuff!!!! Last night I made this chocolate mud cake for her to welcome her home, and this morning I put the icing and sprinkles on it!!

I had so much fun making it and I sooo HAPPY shes back home!!


  1. The cake looks YUMMY, cant wait to see what you got.

  2. A baker as well as a crafty person. Tori is there no end to your talents? Your cake looks YUM. You must do a post and show us all of the goodies your mum bought you back.
    I had to ask Tereesa how to put my blog award hopefully i will put it up tomorrow. Thanks again.

  3. Tori,

    I finally did my blog award that you gave me! I truly am grateful that I was one of the people you chose! I think you are sooo sweet!
    Thank You Again
    Kim H


Thank you! xo