Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hi everyone, back to school this week been really busy, sorry I haven't put anything new on lately!! Today I made this card using the Cricut Cartridge Forever Young and Stampin' Ups stamp set Warm words.

I cut out 2 girls and put some bling on them. The girls a stuck together and between them is a small piece of dental floss which makes the girl spin when the card opens.

This is the othere side of the girl from inside the card!!
Hope you like this card I made it's something different and I enjoyed it!!


  1. Love this one Tori you will have to show me how you made it.

  2. Very nice Tori, i will have to copy this.
    Hope your first week back at school went well.

  3. I think your card is so clever! You do such wonderful things! I love it!


Thank you! xo