Monday, July 19, 2010

Once is Enough

Today I made this card using the Cricut Cartridge Serenade which is a new one my Mum just brought and I really LOVE it. I also used Stampin' Ups stamp set Fifth Avenue Floral and Crystal Effects. My Mum, Tracey left for America on Sunday. I will be alone doing craft for 2 weeks which is unfortunate. I will miss her heaps and can't wait to show her all the things I make, like this card below!!

 I cut every thing out on Serenade apart from the grass which was cut from Zoo Balloo and the flowers which is a Creative Memories Punch.

 I used Stampin Ups Crystal Effects on the Flamingo, leaves of the tree the bird, cage and the tips of the grass,

 The saying is stamped with Stampin Ups Fifth Floral Avenue set.



  1. Oh Tori how will you manage without your mum for two weeks? I am sure you will be fine and your mum will enjoy looking at all of the craft you get done when she gets back no doubt with heaps of prezzies for you all. Your card is lovely btw. I am sitting in front of the pc with my gypsy (multi tasking) and i am doing something with Serenade as well. Great cart.

  2. Tori you rock girl, This is so good you will be designing for a craft mag before you now it your so talented. I might come over and you can teach me. Have you heard from your Mum yet.You can use all of her scrapping space as well as your own talk to you soon.
    luv and hugs

  3. Tori - This card is great - really well done. If you get too lonely - you are welcome to come and craft with Alyssa anytime.

  4. Thankyou Linda, Shelley and Tereesa!! Your comments are lovely!!

    Tori xxxx :)


  5. Great card Tori, I love using Crystal Effects too.

  6. Tori, I love your this card and all your creations! You just seem like any parents dream of a child! You are a very gifted and gracious young lady! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I try to check in from time to time because you are very talented!
    Thanks again
    Kim H

  7. I saw the start of this card before I left, it looks great sweet heart, can't wait to see every thing you've made.

  8. love your card. I am now a follower.


Thank you! xo