Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kids Blog Hop 2011

Hey everyone, welcome to the first ever Kids Blog Hop! We are so excited that you have joined us today! If you came from, Maddy's awesome blog, you are in the right place, but if you just happen to drop by here, make sure you start with Abby one of the hostess of this blog hop ( So start of with her, and end with our other hostess who is Erika ( Thankyou to Abby & Erika for having this exciting blog hop and making it all happen! Make sure you visit all the great blogs, become our followers and leave comments on all the blogs, for your chance to win the GRAND PRIZES, check out what you can win:
  • Joy's Life Stamps donated by Abby
  • Scrappy Mom's Stamps donated by Scrappy Mom's
  • Pink By Design Stamps donated by Sarah
  • Treasure Box Design Collection donated by Dina (Owner of TBD)
  • February Image Design Collection donated bye Kich N Bleus Designs
  • Peachy Keen Face Assortment donated by Peachy Keen
  • My Creative time Stamp Set donated by Emma
  • A Jillian Vance Design stamp Set Donated By Jillian
How is that for some great giveaways!! So don't forget to follow and comment on all the blogs!!!!!

Since this Hop is all about Kids, we ask that if you have kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews the neighbours kids! Any kids at all! Have them look at all the projects we have created.....It would be great to have kids comment on our projects! Just put your child's name and age and you can type what they say about our projects! If you don't have kids, no need to worry!! You can all still join in!!

This is my project...........

1. To start off you will need 24 small match boxes, but you can get what ever size you like! Empty each match box.
2. Tape the top of each box, stack and stick 3 together, you should have 8 stacks of 3. As shown in the picture's below.....
3. Choose your of papers which can be patterned or just plain wrap it around the boxes. It looks cool to have different patterns for each stack of 3 but its up to you!

4. Once you have finished putting your paper on you now can stick it together in a square, stack the boxes like this below and stick them all together,
It should look like this, with paper on it too.
5. Then get a thick piece of card that over hangs the edge about 1/4 and inch, cover it with matching top and bottom and then stick it on the top and bottom of your box.

6. Next.............. pull out  all your draws, poke holes in the centre, stick a brad through some ribbon and put it through the draw hole, it should look something like can also stamp a flourish on the draws to decorate more.
7. Now my favourite part, decorate the box with anything and everything! I have used bling, flowers, rub-on's, buttons and lots more just add anything the  you like
I coloured the Kaiser flower a different colour using my copics, to make it the colour I needed it.
I used the Hippy Girl Kaiser pack!
Thank you so much for hopping along with us,we hope we have inspired many others kids to get crafty! Don't forget to visit all the blogs! We will have 10 WINNERS!

Now to your next blog Maddison......( HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!

And here is the awesome line up of blogs apart of the hop, in case you get lost!






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  1. OMG this is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You rocked that project!!! Thanks for being part of this hop!!!

  2. omgoodness this is so detailed and so awesome for words....TFS!!!!


  3. that is beautiful!! and what a great storage idea!! tfs
    paisley - 1

  4. Tori, this is SERIOUSLY awesome!!!! I absolutely LOVE it. You did an amazing job. Hugs- Glora me(at)glorajean(dot)com

    From Migononette (7) - I love how you made that.

  5. Tori you did a fantastic job on this!!!! How creative..My 16 year old daughter Nikki said she would love for me to make her
    That looks like a lot of work so I told her maybe
    Great job and thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi I am Tristan and I am 8 years old. I am learning to make cards with my Nana. I did my first card and made myself a blog.
    Your project is cool.


  7. I am just BLOWN away by this! This is such a gorgeous project. Looks like it took some time, but it is absolutely gorgeous!

    TFS, I am a new follower! Keep up the great work!

    becky.mayhewlear AT gmail DOT com

  8. Thats a great project, very detailed. thanks for sharing

    nygator95 at gmail dot com

  9. Wow Tori this is great!! So creative! I would love to make this:) Thanks for sharing:)

  10. wow! all i can say. my 12 yr old grand daughter jordan would love to make this. heck, so would her 8 yr old brother.


  11. This is by far.. the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life! Absolutely amazing! thanks so much for sharing. Im a new follower cant wait to see what you make next.

  12. Tori this is gorgeous! Love the tutorial and will defintely have to make one of these! TFS! Hugs, Leanne
    Tobusyscrapping at bellsouth dot net

  13. Tori this project is awesome...thank you for the photo instructions showing how much work you put into this, great job. I will be back to check the rest of your blog out. Thank you for sharing.
    Cathy S

  14. Wow, This is amazing. You did a fantastic job and I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  15. Hi I am Kaleigh, I am 4. My Nana is typing for me.I am Nana's Craftin' Buddy.
    I think your box is nice I can't play with matches.
    I made a card to, my Nana posted it at

    Thank you from Kaleigh

  16. Well, I'm not a kid, but I sure want to try making a matchbox storage box like yours. You did an awesome job.TFS!

  17. Wow, that looks so amazing! Beautiful and very creative! Love all the embellishments and colours! TFS :)

  18. You have done a wonderful job!! I just love your project!!!

    ScrappinAsh at gmail dot com

  19. Tori, that is so pretty. how did you ever think of that? good job. Oh yeah, this is Bailey age 8

    Darlene and Bailey
    desaucier at bellsouth dot net

  20. Abby (10) said-That is so cool. I would love to try it. Thanks for showing how you did it. I would love for you to check out my blog at

    I just love your matchbox creation. Those flowers and butterflies are gorgeous. TFS.

  21. Ok this may be the coolest thing I've seen in a long long time. Just wonderful!!! Love it!!!
    I'm a new follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    http: // mamawann. blogspot. com/
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  22. What a cool project! My Tanner (6) says that we need to make something like this and he can keep his Go-Go's in it! I'm not too sure they would fit!

    Melissa & Tanner

  23. I am simply amazed! My daughter, Nina, said, "I want it!" so now we are going to make one! This is soooooo neat! You have some fabulous talent, girl!

    Honeybean Creations

  24. WOW, Tori. This is awesome and so detailed. I want to make one, now. TFS.

  25. Wow! This is the cutest and coolest thing that i have seen in a while. You did a wonderful job!

  26. you did an awesome job!

  27. what a awesome trinket box, you really did an awesome job with it. Follow your creativity, you never know where it will lead you...Dawn RI

  28. Tori dear, you did a fantastic job!! What a great way to store your metal embellies!! Thank you for sharing!

  29. What a creative idea!!!! I love it; so does my 5 year old little girl!! I think we're going to have to make one for her; it looks like fun!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!!! :)

  30. Super cute!! So neat how you made it :) I love how colorful it is..TFS

    Hugs, Sheena
    slynne1 at gmail dot com

  31. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing! I know plenty of little girls that will love to have one of these! I am a new follower!

  32. WOW!!! Tori what a fabulous project and idea!!! Love all the detail:) Great job!!

  33. VERY COOL! It takes a lot of effort to make something like that, and it is very cool! I am also in the hop!

  34. THis is brilliant! Very sweet! New Follower!


  35. Cute!! My daughter says: "Look, she used my favorite color, pink!!" :) She is almost 4 and loves to craft too. TFS!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  36. Hi Tori, wow this is really nice. you are very creative....I love it!! im a new follower.

  37. Tori-
    This is the first hop my 6 yr old granddaughter has done. When she saw the project you had done she said "WOW!, I hope I can be that good when I get bigger". Thanks for the inspiritation. Ashlynne loves to make cards, she even knows how to use the Cricut and Cuttlebug my herself. TFS!

  38. Very cute project! You did an amazing job. I'm a follower.

    Thanks for sharing!

  39. What an amazing project. I sure do love how it turned out.

    Great job!
    Carson's Cricut Creations

  40. My daughter, Victoria-aka Tori, is a participant in the hop as well. I absolutely love your box! It looks like alot of work and patience to create it. I am putting it in my favorites for a future lift. TFS the directions with us. I am now a follower.

  41. Tori this is amazing. I have always wanted to try one, but after seeing how you have to put it together its too much work for me. You did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I am in LOVE with this project!! I am definitely trying this!! Love it!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  43. OMGosh, Tori - this is soooooo AWESOME!! I am going to have to make one!!! :)

  44. Awesome! You did a great job!

  45. Wow, what a great project. You really put a lot into it. I like this and maybe I'll make one myself. It is nice to see what kids can do when they like what they are doing.

  46. This is absolutely fabulous!!! I love that you showed us how to reuse something as small as a matchbox! Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing

    rlhamm1 at gmail dot com

  47. Gorgeous project.
    username at yahoo dot com

  48. What a fantastic project, and great instructions too :o)
    Jackie xx

  49. I am 40 plus but a big kid at heart. I love these little containers they are so cute and congrats on your FIRST hopefully of many more blog hop's. I wonder where your talent from???

  50. Wow, what a gorgeous project. You did a great job Tori! Just starting out on my hop- a-long journey. What can I say I love crafting with kids! We started Kona Kid Krafter's just for kids Challenge Blog, I am admin at Stitchy Bears Kids.

    Kids are so creative and amazing! So glad to be a part of all of it.

    Maddie should be hoping along in the morning. Hopefully we aren't to

    Hugs, Marjo

  51. Oh WOW Tori, what an amazingly creative project!!! I might have to come back and scraplift!!! Hugs ~Gaby

  52. Well done Tori, your box is gorgeous and thanks for the tip about using Copics to colour rhinestones i always forget and congrats for being part of a great blog hop.

  53. Hi Sweetheart, Congratulations on your first blog hope you did a great.........your project looks so pretty...What will we do with all those matches???????? xo mum

  54. NiMu(age4) said, Wow!! So beautiful! She likes it very much.

  55. I love the little box. It looks really complicated. Is it?

    One Creative Teen

  56. Love your project, Tori. My daughter, Ali-8, is blog hopping with me and wants this to be our next project we do together. Thanks so much for the step by step instructions making it possible for us to give it a try.
    gr8ful4kayali at yahoo dot com

  57. wonderful creation,love the flowers!

  58. AWESOME idea!! I was thinking this was going to be so hard ~ but it seems like something I could recreate!

    ksully4597 at gmail dot com

  59. You did a great job that is so cool. Hugs from your bug, Rebecca.

    Your project is awesome! It looks SO BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to try making one, thank you for the step by step instructions.

    top29gun at gmail dot com

  60. This is absolutely adorable!! I can't wait until my Granddaughters (both under 2) are old enough to join me :-)


  61. Tori, this is stunning! We (Zach & I) can't wait to try and make one of these... except Zach wants to make a basketball theme one for his room!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

    ~Zach 11 & Ola
    okj83 at live dot com

  62. Oh my goodness Tori, this is the coolest project ever. I totally want to make one for my craft room. You are quite the creative young lady. Keep crafting:)


  63. Oh my goodness Tori!
    This is so cute!
    It is my favorite of the blog hop so far!
    You are so talented!
    I have a 3 year old Granddaughter who is just now starting to craft with me and I love it!
    Also, I have a niece who is a teenager and I sent her a link to your blog.
    I know she will love it, she is very crafty too!
    lisastuf at gmail dot com

  64. Wow Tori - this is adorable! I am going to make one to put in my craft room to keep my little embellishments in! Wouldn't it be perfect for holding brads, eyelets, etc. :)

  65. WOW Tori, such an awesome project!! LOVE IT!! :)

  66. I LOVE THIS PROJECT SOOOO MUCH!!! I am going to make my own right away! THANK YOU so much for sharing! my daughter and i will definitely be looking up to you in the future for more amazing ideas!

  67. I love your blog. I am giving you the Stylish Blog Award!! Come visit my blog and see what you have to do.

  68. I have been waiting for the hop to be over because I thought it was just for kids! Tori... this has to be the MOST creative, clever and beautiful creation I have seen! All the details and your imagination is unbelievable! Such a AWESOME job... and the pictures of the steps fantastic! GREAT JOB! As always... Thanks for sharing and being so kind to others! Oh love what your MOM wrote!

  69. what a great idea!! amazing
    have you sth against I'll make one for my own?


  70. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is totally AMAZING! WOW girl WOW!


Thank you! xo