Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thinking of You!!

Hi Everyone, Today I made this card for a family friend Lola, she is in the hospital at the moment and I wanted to make her a card to cheer her up a little!! It is another waterfall card using Kaiser Papers and Stamps, here it is...........

 I used Trendy Trees the stamp set from Stampin' Up to stamp the the words..."Thinking of you"

Have a nice day......


  1. Tori, how sweet of you to make this beautiful card. Hope your friend gets better soon.

  2. Tori, I think I am going to have to come over and make one of these with you as I havent made one yet and you do such a fantastic job...

  3. I made one of these waterfall cards, it was alot of work. Yours is beautiful


Thank you! xo